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Why advertise on Réseau Art Actuel?
Becoming a Réseau Art Actuel partner means joining a network of more than 125 cultural organizations specialized in the visual arts: artist-run centres, museums, galleries, cultural centres, exhibition spaces, visual art events, art magazines, etc.

Every year, the portal receives :
  • nearly 144,000 visits
  • more than 67,000 unique visitors
The weekly electronic newsletter
  • reaches nearly 4,500 subscribers per week.

The site's visitors and newsletter subscribers are mainly artists, cultural workers, students, art critics, and other art lovers.

 The annual package includes:
  • The publication of press releases in the weekly electronic newsletter;
  • The publication of press releases in the "Exhibitions and Events" section of the Réseau Art Actuel portal and in the homepage events calendar for the duration of the event;
  • Four 30-day ad blocks, 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high (display period at the discretion of the organization);
  • An information page in the "Partners" section, including a description, logo or image, full contact details, as well as a hyperlink.



How to become a Réseau Art Actuel partner?

To find out about rates and to register, contact us at : communication@rcaaq.org.
 What is RÉseau Art Actuel?

Réseau Art Actuel is a portal dedicated to the promotion of current contemporary art, and to the many activities and practices of a rich and diverse network.

Réseau Art Actuel
, launched in 2009, is updated daily and presents an impressive body of information on current contemporary art in Quebec. Its calendar enables users to find, according to date and city, the activities currently taking place in over 125 different locations throughout Quebec.

The platform provides increased visibility, and access to professional information intended for the arts community. It also plays a unique role in bridging highly specialized practices and members of the general public who wish to be informed.

Réseau Art Actuel
is an initiative of the Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec (RCAAQ).


To send us all your information regarding your exhibition programming, your press releases and any other news worthy of interest at : info@rcaaq.org

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