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May 10, 2017

“Most organizations present at the meeting are unable to pay artists’fees due to the extremely limited financial resources. While most organizations present at the meeting are unable to monetarily remunerate exhibiting artists, all organizations uphold as a value to remunerate artists for their work (through monetary, in-kind or service exchange), and no organization present at the meeting indicated that they charge artists to hold exhibitions.”
Ref. Reporter: Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte. Notes from the Pacific Association of Artist-Run Centres (PAARC) Meeting of Emerging and Developing Artist-Run Centres and Organizations, March 29, 2014, Vancouver.
“Because margins are so small, most publishers do not solely operate as publishers, but run other business aspects such as a gallery.”
Ref. Reporter: Doug Sigurdson. Notes from Consultation on Art Books in Canada,Visual Arts Section, The Canada Council for the Arts, 18 June 2012.


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