Atelier de l'île

1289, rue Dufresne,
Val-David (Québec) JOT 2N0
Tél. +1 819.322.6359




Founded in 1974, the Atelier de l’Île is an artist-run centre supporting the innovative production of printmaking art. The Atelier is equipped for silkscreen, etching, lithography, woodcut, photography, paper-making and graphic design. Professional training is offered on a regular basis. The original engravings produced and archived at the Atelier are a testament to the rich diversity in modern printmaking. The residency program has been an integral part of the Atelier’s schedule for nearly thirty years. The program welcomes professional artists from around the world at different stages of their career. This programme provides the necessary equipment and space for the artist to create contemporary art through printmaking techniques. Resources and expertise are available to the artists to facilitate their research and the implementation of their projects. During the residency, the production program gives free access to the specialized equipment as well as some supplies and technical assistance. Collective creation and exhibition projects, public talks and discussions give members an opportunity to collaborate on challenging topics, such as the environment, communication and particularly the world of printmaking today. Many books pairing authors and printmakers have been published at the Atelier, as well as publications for certain exhibitions. The Atelier de l’Île web site informs visitors of present activities and its historical background. Set in a prime location, one hour from Montreal, the Atelier is a significant place for artists. The Atelier exists thanks to the voluntary involvement of its members in joining in a common effort to accomplish our diverse programming activities.




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