262 Fairmount ouest,
Montréal (Québec) H2V 2G3
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Wednesday 12pm to 6pm
Thursday 12pm to 6pm
Friday 12pm to 9pm
Saturday 12pm to 5pm
Sunday 12h to 5pm


articule is an open-access, artist-run centre dedicated to a polydisciplinary program of new art that is socially and aesthetically engaged. We strive for excellence, innovation and diversity. Our long-term direction is predicated on the shared belief that the relationship between the creative and the political is not contingent but necessary. articule’s activities reflect the constant transformations of this relationship. While special consideration is given to emerging artists, we respect those who have already established important precedents, and who continue to commit themselves to the ideals of experimentation and risk-taking. articule supports a broad range of discursive and alternative activities that promote dialogue, test the limits of aesthetic gesture and build networks with like-minded artists, collectives and organizations. Our open structure encourages the direct participation of an active and diverse membership. At the same time, we recognize the importance of directing this vitality, helping to give it the cohesion and professional bearing it requires.

articule fills an important niche in the mix of artist-run centres, positioning itself on a double axis: while actively participating in the Quebec milieu, most of our members are anglophone from Montreal and various parts of Canada. This distinct character of our membership reflects and serves the needs of a vital part of Montreal’s artistic and cultural milieu. Through a variety of collaborations with other arts and community-based organisations, as well as through participation in political forums, our efforts remain strongly invested in our relationships with Francophone networks.

articule’s dynamic and flexible annual programming combines exhibitions, special projects – spontaneous artists’ initiatives taking place outside the gallery space –, a curatorial project, critical thinking activities, workshops and parties. articule also spearheads and supports local community-based initiatives.






Programming Coordinator : Julie Tremble
Administrative Coordinator : Esme Terry
Outreach Coordinator : Lotfi Gouiga


Exhibitions and Events

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