Calls for proposals

Supermarket 2017

October 15, 2016

Stockholm (Suède)

The application to Supermarket 2017 is open 17 September–15 October.

Application Procedure Information:

The application is done in 4 steps:

    •    Sign up for a user account on our website and sign in.

    •    Fill in the applications details; information about your space/initiative and information about your planned exhibition at Supermarket 2016

    •    Enclose additional attachments (images, videos, additional information)

    •    Submit!

Due to the high number of applications, we ask applicants to be as specific as possible when describing your space/initiative and exhibition proposal. You can edit the application and add information until 15 october.

The cost of participation in Supermarket 2017 range from SEK 3750 to SEK 6875 including VAT. We have chosen to keep the participation fee at a low level in order to include interesting exhibitors who work on a not-for-profit basis and/or are unestablished.

You could also take part as a Professional Networking Participant (PNP). PNPs don't exhibit but get invited to the Meetings Programme, Exhibitor gatherings, Exhibitor party, a special discussion seminar and have access to our new Exhibitor lounge. The participation fee is SEK 1250 including VAT, and the application should be made by an organisation, that can be represented by one person. For instance you can apply for an exhibition booth primarily, and to be a PNP as a second option.

Artist-run galleries regularly staging public exhibitions in their own spaces and other artists’ initiatives that arrange exhibitions and events with invited artists can apply to exhibit at Supermarket 2017. Individual artists and artists’ groups established only for applying to Supermarket will not be considered.

Deadline: 15 October 2016

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